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OG Distribution - Never Been Loved (2004) full video

The Kevin Parrott produced OG Distribution DVD Never Been Loved is the latest archival gem to get the full-length upload treatment from Matt 'Swift Blazer' Swift.

OG Distribution - the OG OG Distribution, not to be confused with James Hewett's current day outfit of the same name - was Nic Powley's operation that existed throughout the early years of the 2000s, helping to get international brands such as Creme Skateboards, Juice Ematic Clothing, The Great Potato Wheel Company, Mekanism Skateboards, Alai Skateboards and Lord Wheels into U.K. skate stores. The OG Distribution team included Chris Oliver Mattias Nylen, James Gardner, Rory Milanes, Simon Skipp, Ross McGouran, Flynn Trotman, Dominic Dietrich, Akim Cherif, Rodney Clarke, Ed Clarke, Dan Wileman, Lucien Clarke, Mike Sutcliffe, Brendan Ryall and more, all of whom put in appearances on the 25-minute long Never Been Loved.

The DVD was given away free with Sidewalk back in 2004, and is possibly the second DVD to given away by the mag after Day in the City 2. Anyway, take yourself on a trip down early 2000s memory lane now - hit the play button below!


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