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Open All Hours - full skate shop film by Rohum Dilley

Rohum Dilley - the man behind 2017's Rolling: Without Footage it's Fiction skate filming documentary - has just released his follow up offering, Open All Hours.

This time around, Rohum has taken a step into the world of skater-owned retail, introducing you to the characters who tirelessly strive to keep their local scenes alive, whilst highlighting the importance the U.K.'s network of independent core skate shops. Included within are the likes of High Rollers Skate Store, Focus Scotland, Cardiff Skateboard Club, Decimal, Skate Pharm, Lost Art and many more.

Clocking in at just over an hour in length, Open All Hours is a well thought out, expertly shot and lovingly edited production that really hammers home how important it is where you spend your money. Set aside some of your Monday, settle in and press that play button below now!

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