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Petticoat - full video and website now live

Having premiered in Bristol a fortnight ago, Petticoat - the amazing, all women's skateboarding video by Alexis Lewis - is now online and waiting to be enjoyed in full!

Set aside the next 35 minutes of your day and allow the combined West Country forces of Poppy Holmes-Volks, Rianne Evans, Beth Howells, Linda Robart Allali, Mae Bicheno, Bella Warley, Jade Danielle, Ollie Slade, Luca Maxwell, Nic Chappell, Fern Cory, Alexis Lewis and Ben Fairbank to bring the Wednesday morning stoke.

If you like what you see (as you undoubtedly will), then please support the project by picking up some Petticoat clothing once the collection launches in the near future! Browse the Petticoat website here.

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