Pie Wax - 'The Waxccine'.

LxBxP lifer and Senior Subject Librarian Bob 'Frosty' Frost can now also add the prestigious title of 'Pie Wax CEO' to his already glowing CV. To celebrate the launch of Preston's newest wax outfit, Frosty has unleashed his The Waxccine edit, featuring a heavy line up of predominantly northern kerb enthusiasts as they put the first batch of Pie Wax through its lockdown paces.

Contained within are serious carpark stunts from the likes of Howard Cooke, Serious Sam Barratt, Robbie Chilton, Russ Longmire, Luke Fletcher, Muff, James Woodley, Alan Glass, Funeral French, Ben Powell, Lee Rozee, Frosty himself, and many more!

You could do far worse than hit that play button below right now, then track down som pie wax for yourself to seriously improve your own carpark slappy experience...

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