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QS Favourite Spot with Lucien Clarke

Quartersnacks' scholarly Favourite Spot series lands in London for the first UK based episode, delivering a first class Victoria Benches history lesson led by the right honourable Lucien Clarke!

Farran Golding has tastefully cut together an absolute wealth of archive footage, starting out with Colin Kennedy, Channon King, Toby Shuall, Jacob Sawyer, Nick Jensen, Mark Baines and Scott Palmer in the late 90s, before Lucien and the Palace crew take over the narrative, liberating the spot and ushering in a new Vicky Benches era during the filming of Palasonic (2017).

Edit/Interviews by Farran Golding, archival footage via Jack Brooks, Mike Fox, Adam Todhunter, Austin Bristow, Dan Magee & Chris Massey, and photography via Jacob Sawyer & Luke Ogden.

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