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Raiders of the Lost Park: Pentwyn, South Wales

Having suddenly been dragged back to life earlier this year, Raiders of the Lost Park is continuing with the exploration of some of the more bizarre and challenging public facilities that the U.K. has to offer. Next up in the resurrected series is the Jake Collins suggested skatelite concoction located in Pentwyn, South Wales. As the March heatwave was in full swing last weekend, a strong gaggle of Dragons answered the Raiders call and made their way to the outskirts of Cardiff in search of revelry and local legend Wolfman.

The resulting Raiders (or is that Ysbeilwyr y Parc Colledig?) edit is online now and waiting to be warched below, featuring Jake Collins, Ben 'Bumo' Morris, Sam Pulley, Don Irfan, Dan Hill, Lloyd R Houston, Harry Deane, Dylan Hughes and Wolfman.

Music: 'Tung' by Pads of Hue -


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