Sole.lo presents 'RISE'

Coming straight out of glorious Belfast is RISE, the first 'half-length' promo video from the city's resident skateboard, streetwear and footwear peddler, Sole.lo.

Filmed and edited over the course of spring and summer 2021 by long-serving documenter of Belfast's skate and BMX scenes, Peter Adam, RISE features the assembled talents of Dee Collins, Gerard Keane, Mikey Gordon and James Ferris.

RISE is a solid ten-minute watch that showcases a whole load of new spots dotted around the north of Ireland, whilst dusting off some long overlooked Six Counties gems. This lot have more than put the effort in here, so waste no time in getting RISE into your eyeballs now! Dale Gallagher has also come through with a whole bunch of snaps from the premiere evening in Belfast last Saturday; check out the gallery below to see for yourself what went on as RISE was unveiled to the local scene...