Team Bentham - UPH - Neil Flowers Smith and co.

A year and a bit in the making, Essex's resident Team Bentham crew have come through with their first full-length video offering, entitled UPH, which reportedly stands for 'Unimpressed Phil Head'.

Shot entirely on iPhone, and edited by the undisputed legend of UK skateboarding, Neil Flowers Smith, UPH focuses on a reunited crew of friends from Essex who have all returned to skating after navigating a decade or so of adulthood.

The good times really shine through on this one, which features Keeaun Jones, Daniel Dowding, Rhys Westlake, Keegan Grace, Tom Griffiths, Robyn Withawhy (who turned pro for Bentham following the premiere), Adam James, Oliver Daniels, Dave Wood, Mark Russell, Jamie Padfield, Gareth Reeve, Tom Playle, Neil Flowers Smith and various other Essex heads. There's even a slam section!

Anyway, set aside the next 25 minutes of your Wednesday and enjoy this one in its entirety now!


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