The 101 Uses for a Skateboard Colouring Book

Updated: Aug 12

Late last year, Adam McEvoy of Drawing Boards teamed up with Josh Sutton's Red Fez Books operation to bring you the excellent 101 Uses for a Skateboard, which was a full colour, 60-page delve into the imagined alternative lives of our trusty seven-ply steed. Though naturally aimed at children, the book was a light-hearted affair which would no doubt strike a chord with readers of all ages (from 1 to 101), and if you're in need of an introduction to the sprawling 101 Uses... world, take a look at our interview with the book's mastermind and illustrator by clicking here.

As 101 Uses... approaches the first anniversary of its release, Adam has returned to his brainchild and produced a second version that takes on the form of a colouring book. Colouring is an activity that helps develop fine motor skills in children, aids the development of concentration and focus, and encourages colour recognition, but - as with skateboarding itself - colouring in isn't solely for those on the younger end of the existence spectrum, there are many known benefits for adults, too, including the relaxation of the brain and improving of brain functions, it can relieve stress and reduce anxiety, and improve focus and sleep.

The 101 Uses for a Skateboard Colouring Book is available right now from either Red Fez Books or the usual array of independent skate shops nationwide, with 10% of the cover price being donated to The Ben Raemers Foundation.

Have a scroll here for a taste of what's in store, then pick up your copy at your nearest convenience and let your colour coordinated creativity flow!

As an added bonus, if you reach out to either Adam or Josh with some pictures of your colouring in, you'll be gifted with a link to an 8-minute animated video version of 101 Uses for a Skateboard - check the teaser here.


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