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The AVE 2.0 Weartest with Vans UK

Conor, Merryn, and Anthony's new shoe - the AVE 2.0.

Last week, with Spring still attempting (and failing) to drag itself properly onto the 2024 horizon, Vans UK took to London in hopes of weartesting the latest Anthony Van Engelen pro shoe, the forward-thinking AVE 2.0 Knit.

A day at Finsbury Park was swapped for a session at Downside DIY at the last possible minute, as the riders' scheduled 11am arrival at the new Betongpark setup coincided with the North London heavens well and truly opening. With a new plan agreed upon, Tom Delion, Cass Doig, Daryl Dominguez, Blinky, Conor Charleson, Aaron Jago, Twiggy, Merryn Garner and Josh Young made their way to Tottenham to put the AVE 2.0 Knit through its paces, before returning to Finsbury Park later in the day for pizza and yet more rainfall.

Have a peruse of Rob Whiston's collection of photos from the day below now, scroll to the end of the article for the full video recap, then read more about the AVE 2.0 Knit over on the Vans UK site!

After accidentally first arriving into Birmingham New Street and not London Paddington as intended, Aaron makes up for lost time with a kicker to barrel backside 360.

Blinky shows off both the black colourway of the AVEs and his all new pro board with a backside air, tucked away in concrete corner.

Tom Delion frontside tailslides the precarious tower of the crew's creation...

... before following on with an equally as daunting frontside nosegrind.

On the edge of a heated round of keepy-uppy, Aaron Jago holds his concentration long enough to perfectly levelled switch heel.

DD comes out on top in the 'Manhead vs Daryl back smith the pile of stuff' battle.

Twiggy joins in the concrete quarter session with pivot pull-in to fakie.

Aaron makes full use of the five minutes of Finsbury Park dryness with a frontside feeble on the whippy brick quarter.

Conor dips a back smith on the relocated Southbank block, prior to pizza and precipitation.

The full edit from the AVE 2.0 weartest day out:

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