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The Big Push 2009

This weeks Swift Blazer upload from the recent past comes in the form of Sidewalk Magazine's 2009 The Big Push. 2009 was the first year that The Big Push ownership had switched from Document to Sidewalk, and saw it taking a new shoe-themed direction, instead of board brands, as it had been previously.

Have a scroll below for the six individual edits!

Adidas with Karim Bakhtaoui , Boots, Danny Beall, Shaun Witherup, Jin Shimizu & John Tanner.

Nike SB with Neil Smith, Korahn Gayle, Tom Harrison, Jerome Campbell, Mike Wright & Simo Makela.

Vans with Ben Grove, Chris Oliver, Kris Vile, Ben Nordberg & Josh 'Manhead' Young.

DC Shoes with Dylan Hughes, Leo Smith, Sean Smith, Dave Snaddon, Keith Walsh & Rob Selley.

Etnies with Conhuir Lynn, Joe Lynskey, Caradog Emanuel, Sam Bosworth, Joe Gavin & Barney Page.

Shiner Dist with Ben Raemers, Stu Graham, Rob Smith, Adam Howe, Jess Young & Carl Wilson.

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