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The Colossus Video

Start your week off on the right foot by enjoying The Colossus Video in full! Filmed and edited over a five year period by Tristak Tutak, The Colossus Video follows London's The Skate Colossus Crew as they explore a whole variety of terrain dotted around the streets of our nations capital.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Joe Atherton, Cieran Bermingham, Tim & Tristan Tutak, Joe Townsend, Ashley Fletcher, Sam Earl, Ed Davis, Bill Porter, Henry Kingsford, Monse Villegas, Milo Bragg, Nick Sharratt, Ben Hull, Jacob Brown, David 'Eggy' Eggleton, Bradley Griffiths, Richard Pullinger, Craig Smith, Will Harmon, Tom Lock, Sam Charleton, Tim Alexander, Sol Gregory Cundy, Mia Gurary, Yolanda Imoke, Tom Pickard, Rich de Courcy and Siggy Tvete.

Additional filming: Bradley Griffiths, Henry Kingsford, Rich de Courcy and David Atkinson.

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