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Valley Boy - full Kerr Melville doc online now!

Following on from a series of premieres in Scotland, Valley Boy is finally online and waiting to be enjoyed in full!

Across the course of the one hour six minute documentary, Guy Thomson dives into the present day skate scene in and around Glasgow, as seen through the eye of the prolific and enthusiastic lensman Kerr Melville.

Along the way you'll learn about Kerr's journey and how it intertwines with Glaswegian skateboarding, with insight, contributions and skateboarding from Tom Shimmin, Dean Mackie, Danny Aubrey, Ben Leyden, Lara Janiurek, Lynsay Holmes, Romany Rae, Rudi & Mac, and Charlie Myatt.

Set aside the next hour of your day and enjoy Valley Boy in its entirety now!

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