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Van x Vans - with Melita Berg and the Rollersnakes crew

Vans recently teamed up with designer and artist Melita Berg for a special collaboration that revolved around painting and skating of an old transit van.

The project took nine months of planning, two weeks to build and three days to paint, then - once completed - Melita summoned the Rollersnakes crew to give the vehicle a session.

Nick Roberts, Adam Gaucher and Goth Shaun were more than up for the task, and were joined for the occasion by Toby Batchelor on filming duties, with Mike Wright handling the photos.

See for yourself what went down at this special session below!

Nick Roberts - nosemanny.

Nick Roberts - door ride.

Nick Roberts - drop in.

Nick Roberts - 5050 the door shut.

The full Van x Vans edit - filmed and edited by Toby Batchelor.

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