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Voltarol Open 2: Arthritic Boogaloo - full photo recap

A carpark full of dads. Photo: Tim Smith.

The most anticipated gathering of the annual event calendar returned this past weekend, with hordes of mums, dads, and generally ageing skateboarders descending upon Rollersnakes' fabled carpark for Voltarol Open 2: Arthritic Boogaloo.

The grey-haired powers that be at Dadlands, The Groans Brigade, and the Great British Society of Veteran Pegnetters once again rallied the seasoned street inclined skateboarders of the nation and steered them towards glorious Derby for an afternoon full of low impact merriment, plenty of laughs, and an intense Pegnet battle that saw Eric Thomas ultimately fight his way to the very top.

For an in-depth exploration of the origins of Dadlands, The Groans Brigade and the Voltarol Open, please click here to enjoy Ben Powell's article from 2022. Once you feel comfortably up to speed with what lies ahead, have a scroll here to see what went down during this years mass get together.

Next year promises to be (if you can believe it) both bigger and better, so keep an eye out for details of the Voltarol Open 3, and be sure to clear your diaries well in advance. A big thanks to all involved and the Voltarol Open sponsors for making this one happen, namely Rollersnakes, Vans, etnies, Death Skateboards, Heathen Skateboards, OJ Wheels, Independent Trucks, Ace Trucks, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Deez Nutz and Liquid Death.

Until 2024...

Ben Plumb - backside crail. Photo: Tim Smith.

Craig Smedley - frontside bluntslide. Photo: Tim Smith.

Jude Matthews - noseslide. Photo: Ben Powell.

Portraits: Ben Powell.

Chris Lawton - crooked grind shove-it out. Photo: Tim Smith.

Josh Whitehead - out to frontside wallbash. Photo: Tim Smith.

Portraits: Ben Powell.

Simon Skipp - feeble grind. Photo: Ben Powell.

Deirdre Barlow! Photo: Tim Smith.

Zombie Stu! Photos: Tim Smith.

Scottish Ben - switch frontside boardslide. Photo: Tim Smith.

Tristan Jones - feeble (above above), frontside lip (above). Photos: Tim Smith.

Zimmerflip. Photo: Tim Smith.

Portraits: Ben Powell.

John Bell - wallride. Photo: Tim Smith.

Unknown highest ollier. Photo: Ben Powell.

Christopher 'Bambi' Price - slappy front crook. Photo: Tim Smith.

Next gen boardslide. Photo: Ben Powell.

Eric Thomas - Pegnet World Champion 2023! Photos: Ben Powell & Tim Smith.

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