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Waspz - 100% kerb skating from South Wales

If you're only going to watch one skate video today, make sure it's this one.

Coming straight out of Newport, South Wales, every clip featured in Waspz includes a kerb (more often than not the mobile kerb setup that's been painted in black and amber yellow - Newport's adopted colour scheme), and the whole thing was filmed on "the deadly rig aka an old Samsung young mobile phone on a selfie stick holding a rode microphone with a death lens pro attached". Seven of these rigs were reportedly destroyed during the making of the video.

Prepare to grin for 30 minutes straight as Hogi, Tom Bailey, Darran ‘Grim’ Ward, Jake Collins, Kev Barry, Sam Pulley, Ben Morris, Sox, Alan Hamsandwhich, Dale Meredith and many more keep things strictly minimal impact - maximum merriment.

Big up Newport, big up Freestyle, big up Al and Swales Worldwide, and long live having a laugh! Engage your sense of humour and hit that play button right now...

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