'What???' (2003) - The House Skatepark video.

Matt 'Swift Blazer' Swift carries on his mission to preserve Sheffield skateboarding history by uploading the 2003 video What??? by Neepsend's long-standing skater owned indoor haven, The House Skatepark.

The 38 minute video includes parts from Ronny Calow, Paul 'Brow' Edmonson, Scott Hardy and Richard Chung, alongside footage of Tony Trujillo, Danny Supa, Garry Woodward, Mark Baines, Jerome Campbell, Arthur Tubb, Danny Brady, Vaughan Baker, Alex Moul, Benny Fairfax, Carl Shipman, and plenty of other friends from Sheffield and beyond.

Follow both Swift Blazer and The House on Instagram, and be sure to pay The House a visit now that restrictions are gradually easing. Rob has supported the Sheffield scene for decades, and I don't think we can stress enough just how important it is that we all collectively support Rob (and the rest of the UK's parks) over the coming months/years/forever.


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