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Sabbath Wheels Competition

Win urethane, cotton and metal from Satan himself...

If your dilapidated undercarriage could use something of an upgrade, simply answer the following question before 01/03/23.


Up for grabs we have...

First place: Two sets of wheels, bearings and a tee.
Second place: One set of wheels and bearings.
Third place: One set of wheels.

Enter Competition
Birmingham is known as ‘the home of heavy metal’ largely because of the achievements of which local band?

Thanks for submitting!


Having been uncaged at the start of the dastardly year of the Lord 2022, I’m sure you’ll wholeheartedly agree that Sabbath Wheels has rapidly risen through the domestic urethane ranks. Not only have they assembled a strong gaggle of all terrain devotees, in November, they managed to host one of the most chaotic, grassroots, raw street takeover events of recent times - the now infamous Black Mass gathering -  which descended upon Fastlands, in the Sabbath spiritual heartland of Birmingham.

Now, to kickstart 2023 in an appropriate fashion for three fortuitous readers, we’ve teamed up with the sinister Sabbath string-pullers to get some of their fiendish gear into your wanton palms.

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