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All Aboard 'Freight Train' - full video and photo gallery.

All Aboard presents Freight Train, a 2021 Dorest scene video featuring Harrison Alcock, Darwin, Christian Watts, Jimmy Pearce, Simon Turner, Nick Anscombe and friends.

Freight Train premiered last night at Moose Skateshop in Boscombe, and to coincide with its launch online today, Danny Bulmer has sent over a variety of photography that was taken during the production of the video. Have a scroll below now, and be sure to enjoy Freight Train in full to get a much needed 17-minute injection of Dorset dopeness straight into your weekend!

Filmed by Jimmy Pearce, edit and music by Joshua Cray.

Christian Watts - backside flip. Photo: Danny Bulmer.

Louie Frett - smith 180. Photo: Danny Bulmer.

Nick Anscombe - backside 5050. Photo: Danny Bulmer.

Harrison Alcock - crook bonk. Photo: Danny Bulmer.

Simon Turner - frontside bluntslide. Photo: Danny Bulmer.

Jimmy Pearce - wallride nollie. Photo: Danny Bulmer.

Darwin - crook. Photo: Danny Bulmer.

Darwin - drop in 5050. Photo: Danny Bulmer.

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