Ben Raemers: Skating and Talking

In May 2019, Ben Raemers died by suicide, the news of which sent shockwaves around the entire globe.

Last week, on what would have been Ben's 31st birthday, Vice and The Ben Raemers Foundation held a celebratory evening at House of Vans London, where they also screened a new documentary that has been several years in the making, Ben Raemers: Skating and Talking, which is online now.

The 17 minute documentary is naturally a heavy hitting watch, though manages to be a celebration of Ben's life, without shying away from the difficulties he was experiencing.

As ever, please check out the work that The Ben Raemers Foundation are doing to raise awareness of mental health issues and suicide awareness within the skateboard community, and support in anyway you can.

Ben Raemers: Skating and Talking deals with real issues including mental health and suicide, so please bear that in mind if you feel this could be triggering.

Please visit Grassroots if you're personally struggling, or would simply like to find out more information on suicide prevention.