Best of 2021: Harry Ogilvie

Harry Ogilvie - Bristol's very own stout enthusiast and admirer of 'less than favourable' terrain - had a memorable 2021. Not only did he offload another round of shocking footage in Skateboard Café's Impressions video, he was also rewarded for his years of Café servitude with his very own pro boards!

Harry's taken a bit of time out of his Christmas period to recap a few highlights of this last year for you; have a scroll below to find out more...

Skater of 2021: That has to be Kyle Wilson.

Trick of 2021: I can’t lie, it’s Kyle’s switch heelflip at Southbank, has to be. Video part of 2021: I really loved Savannah’s Impressions part. She really put the work in and it shows.

Quote of 2021: “Mammy! I wanna go on the donkey!!!” Favourite pastime of 2021: Waking up with a feeling of regret and anxiety. Will I ever learn? Road trip of 2021: Me and Rich (Smith) went to Weymouth one day. We swam in the sea, had a pint, then I tried to skate for five minutes and was over it. Skater to watch out for in 2022: Jay Lentern. He’s a lovely lad.

Thing you’re most looking forward to in 2022: Whatever footage Bear (Myles) has out next!

Wallie hippy jump. Photo: Leo Sharp.