Best of 2021: Marcus Palmer

Cometh the hour, cometh the Marcus...

2021 has undoubtedly belonged to Birmingham local Marcus Palmer, who emerged out of relative Midlands obscurity to hammer out his first full interview and his first nationally released video part, before having his efforts rewarded with his debut pro board on Karma. Marcus has been skating at such a ridiculous level for the last decade at least, and it's about time everyone outside of Birmingham realised how gifted this man is on a plank. Anyway, for today's Best of 2021, Marcus has taken some time to reflect on a year that involved many milestones for him; read on to find out more...

Skater of 21: Kyle Wilson. Beast.

Switch ollie, London. Photo: Leo Sharp.

Trick of 2021: I’m a bit torn. Kyle Wilson’s switch heel at Southbank was mind-blowing, but James Bush’s switch hardflip down Sneinton 3 was also nuts. I want to add Lucas Healey’s nollie back 360 over the Milton Keynes bar as well…Lucas did so many amazing things in that Darling part.

Video part of 2021: I want to say Goose’s part in the Get Lesta Darling video is the one I can’t stop thinking about. I have had Bastien Salabanzi’s Not So Sorry part on repeat most the year, though.

Quote of 2021: “Imagine” (laughs). Song of 2021: Burna Boy – Anybody.

Favourite clip filmed in 2021: Tre flip over the Wilkos rail might be my personal biggest highlight, but to be honest, everything Callun (Loomes) filmed for Darling is way up there. I ollied a 16, which I can’t believe, but I don’t know if I should be talking about that one…

Favourite photo of 2021: My favourite photo from this year was a nollie backside 180 off a roof that Rob took.

Photo: Rob Whiston.

Favourite non-skating pastime of 2021: Just travelling about and looking at stuff (laughs), nature walks and that. Event of 2021: The whole month of my Companion interview coming out, I turned pro for Karma and it ended with the Get Lesta prem.

Photo: Rob Whiston.

Road trip of 2021: Karma and Supertoxic did a trip to Kent. That was a good laugh with some good people!

Kickflip, Folkstone harbour. Photo: Rob Whiston.

Skater to watch out for in 2022: From the things I’m seeing, there’s gonna be a whole lot coming through next year. The streets are hungry (laughs). The thing you’re most looking forward to in 2022: Better weather and more good times!