Broyd, Palmer and Woodley wear our special Issue 1 clothing collection.

The powerful trio of Ben Broyd, Marcus Palmer and James Woodley took our very special Issue 1 clothing collection for a spin in Birmingham last week, and the ever productive Rob Whiston was on hand to photographically document the proceedings.

Have a scroll through the photos below now to see what went down, then head over to our shop to pick up some limited edition shirts, hoods and mugs for yourself. The Issue 1 clothing collection by Jake Martinelli was released late last month, and features a reworking of our debut cover, which starred Jordan Thackeray taking down a ridiculous channel gap at Daveside, Bristol, shot by James Griffiths.

Buy: The Skateboarder's Companion - Issue 1 clothing collection.

Ben Broyd wears the Issue 1 short sleeved tee in black.

Ben contorts a frontside air to tree smack at Bournbrook DIY.

Backside noseblunt in the corner. Donate to Bournbrook here.

James Woodley wears the Issue 1 hoody in black.

Frontside feeble on the Kings Norton flatbar.

Classic Mini Cod with a backside disaster.

After dark central Birmingham frontside rock from Mr Broyd.

Marcus Palmer wears the Issue 1 short sleeved tee in white.

Boosted Bournbrooke kickflip fakie.

And lastly, here's the Issue 1 coffee mug, modelled by Rianne Evans on a previous shoot in Bristol. Photo: Leo Sharp.


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