Gear Check: Jordan Thackeray

Considering we just released our limited edition Issue 1 clothing collection yesterday, it makes perfect sense that this weeks Gear Check subject should be none other than the man found gracing the cover of our debut issue, Mr Jordan ‘JThaxx’ Thackeray.

Jordan has been on the bench since last year as he recovers from knee surgery, but just in time for the weather to slowly start improving, he’s thankfully finding his way back onto his board. I’m sure that, come summer, he’ll be up to his trademark transition annihilation once again.

Saying that, Jordan operating at 5% power on four wheels is generally more impressive to the eye than most of us mere mortals putting very literally 100% effort in.

For now, let’s have a look at the rig that Jordan was using to scare the living daylights out of any and all transitions that he crossed paths with prior to going under the knife with his gammy knee…

It’s safe to say that Lovenskate have nailed the graphic game. Each collection will always feature something that you would easily hang on your wall and admire as a piece of art. Drink Tea Get Rad, Devrim Zamani, and Danny Wainwright’s guest board are three examples of Lovenskate wall hangers that instantly spring to mind. And I’m sure that this Be Excellent… J-Thaxx pro board is currently adorning the walls of many houses around the UK and further afield too. The Jon Horner produced graphic is based on the poster art for the 1989 sci-fi/comedy cult classic Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, depicting Jordan and Sox as the films two main protagonists, backed up by a strong cast of Lovenskate riders and affiliated individuals. According to Lovenskate mastermind Stu Smith, when asked what he wanted as his second pro graphic, Jordan replied: “I really want a ‘team board’. I don’t even need to be on it, I just want the whole team and my mates on there. Oh, and I want it to be in the style of Bill & Ted.

The dipped white plank that Jordan can be seen brandishing here is on Jordan’s very own custom pro shape, which comes in at a hefty 8.8” wide with a 12” wheelbase. The increased board width and shorter wheelbase provide Jordan with the stability he evidently needs when he’s clinging onto cars and being towed into ludicrously large DIY channel gaps at 25mph.

“But what of Jordan’s undercarriage?” I can hear you ask. Well, ponder no more. The familiar Independent 159s are the truck of choice here, making a deserved Gear Check appearance for their umpteenth time. These solid numbers are crafted to perfectly fit boards with an 8.75” width, so are the ideal partner for Jordan’s custom 8.8” pro board. Independent have proved themselves to be the all terrain truck of choice since 1978; the quality of the construction and the response of the materials used really do speak for themselves, as you can probably tell by the fact that Jordan chooses to float about on them 43 years after their initial release.

And the wheels driving Jordan’s effervescent brand of ridiculous skateboarding? Why, they’re his very own 53mm pro wheel from Germany’s Muckefuck Urethane (Muckefuck = 'false coffee'), coming in at an industry standard 101a hardness on the durometer scale, and featuring the insignia of Hell Yeah Son, Carve Wicked and Triple Sword – three crews Jordan has close ties with. It’s also three crews whose emblems he also has permanently inked on his banjo picking fingers.

Finally, arriving at Jordan’s dust covered plimsolls. Jordan joined the UK Vans family sometime around 2014, and here he is, several dozen misplaced phones later, still regularly managing to cosmically meet up with packages sent into the ether by Manhead.

Depicted on his talented feet here is the second pro model shoe from Real Skateboards rollercoaster handrail enthusiast Kyle Walker. Though Kyle Walker and Jordan don’t skate like each other in the slightest, I have no doubts that the functionality of the shoe ensures that it is a comfortable and responsive footwear choice, regardless of if you’re floating above Taunton vert, or partway through grinding down a 15-kink Oklahoma handrail.

In addition to utilising Vans’ signature Wafflecup sole construction – which offers the support of cupsole design whilst enabling the feel and grip of a traditional vulcanised sole – the Kyle Walker 2 also does away with laces, coming through instead with a souped up slip-on style silhouette that’s equipped with a hefty Velcro strap. For impact support and shock absorption, the footbed includes Vans’ PopCush technology, and the suede and canvas upper comes reinforced with DURACAP underlays at points most likely to be affected by griptape abrasion. If you’re looking for something a little different to your traditional simple Vans model, this one if definitely worth a look.

So there you have it, that’s Jordan’s current rig in something of a bloated, trivia riddled nutshell. Be sure to check out the Issue 1 clothing collection now if you haven’t already, and wish Jordan and his knee a speedy recovery as you carry on with your day! Until next time...