Cooked - Independent UK's summer road trip

"You don't want to be anywhere near Div if he's charging towards you on a longboard at 30mph; you're much safer being five foot up in the air" - James Woodley.

Photo: Rob Whiston.

Back in the summer, a few select members of the U.K. Independent Trucks crew - namely Div Adam, Colin Adam, Ryan Price, Issue 3 cover star Jasper Dawson-Clough, James Woodley and Josh 'Manhead' Young - started out in London and made their way to Bristol via the south coast, taking in any and all transitions they found whilst battling against a heatwave.

The full article from the trip, shot by Rob Whiston, can be seen in Issue 4 of the mag, which is available right now. The Alan Glass and Tom Gammage edit, appropriately entitled Cooked, has just surfaced online and is ready to be watched below!


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