Don Brown interview from Slam City Skates.

If you’re in need of an in depth read to pass some time on this freezing cold, drab Saturday morning, then Neil MacDonald of @scienceversuslife and the Slam City blog have got you covered, as they’ve just published an exhaustive interview with Don Brown.

Emerging out of the Brighton freestyle scene of the 1970s, Don crossed the Atlantic in the mid 80s and established himself as a pro for Vision, becoming the first UK skater to turn pro for an American company in the process. From there, he became an integral part of the Sole Tech story, guiding the likes of éS, Emerica and Etnies and helping shape some of the greatest footwear teams in the history of skateboarding.

This is definitely some essential reading – click Don’s 1989 Transworld Skateboarding cover (shot by J.Grant Brittain at Oceanside, CA) below to be sent in the right direction…

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