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Harrow Skatepark Jam 2021

“There’s something about days like today,” proclaims Death Skateboards gaffer and Harrow Skatepark lifer Nick Zorlac, “you can almost feel the anarchic spirit of the 70s rising through the concrete”.

Nick’s not wrong, either. Harrow Skatepark has occupied the same corner of Wealdstone since 1978, and it’s one of the few sites left in the UK where a sense of solid history smacks you square in the face the second you cross its threshold. Mark Baker, Rodga Harvey, Steve Douglas, Mick Forster, Martin Herrick, Winston May, Mike Manzoori, Mark Channer, Matt Anderson, Toby Shuall, Nick Zorlac, Scott ‘Horsey’ Walker, Dan Cates…in fact, anyone who has either ridden for Death Skateboards or had the pleasure of staying at the House of Doom…the list of locals and regular faces at Harrow is endless, and the skating that has unfolded there over the parks mammoth 43 year history is – very literally – the stuff of UK skateboarding legend. If you’re somehow not doing already, go follow @harrowskateparkofficial on Instagram to bless your feed with some serious Harrow history.

Thanks to a global pandemic that is in no further need of an introduction, events have obviously been off the agenda for well over a year now, but once restrictions eased last month, and word of the Harrow get-together started to spread, it quickly became apparent that this would be a long overdue gathering for the ages.

Over the course of the afternoon, there was no shortage of heads from over the decades dropping by. It goes without saying that Zorlac – megaphone in hand and prizes in tow – was firmly at the Harrow wheel, whilst Matt Anderson, Gunner, Ali Cairns, Shane O’Brien, Dibble, and Mark Nicholson were all spotted in the crowds. Lee Dainton, James Woodley and Andy Evans had each travelled some serious miles in order to be in attendance, whilst present day regulars such as Twiggy, Charlie Spelzini and Ginge enthusiastically gave the park a seeing to well into the evening.

Taylor Jones and Giz were on hand to serve up seriously next level culinary business, until Taylor was taken off to hospital following a slam in the pool that left his arm spurting blood, and Husayn Smart was also ejected out of proceedings early when he did his shoulder a mischief in the halfpipe.

Casualties aside, the day was as perfect a return to the event calendar as anyone could have hoped for. Zorlac mentioned that it was probably the busiest day the park had seen since the 1998 Harrow Jam, and considering the size of the turnout, I'd be inclined to believe him.

Thanks to Vans, Death Skateboards, Rolling Thunder, Madness Skateboards, Nineteen76 and Form Distribution for making the day possible. Take in some highlights via the edit and enjoy some film snaps of the day courtesy of Ginge below…!

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