Help save Malton's halfpipe, North Yorkshire.

Ryan Swain has been making some serious noise around his campaign to save and refurbish the halfpipe in his hometown of Malton, North Yorkshire.

The Ryedale Skatepark ramp has remained untouched since it was first installed in 2001, and over the two decades since, has understandably fallen into a state of disrepair. Now, in the wake of local council members opposing the skatepark's soon to be renewed lease, Ryan has taken it upon himself to not only secure the future of the skatepark, but to see the halfpipe also restored to its former glory.

Over the course of the last few weeks, Ryan has earned the campaign some significant media attention, even gaining the support of luminaries such as Tony Hawk, and from the BMX world, Jamie Bestwick.

Please take a few minutes out of your day now to sign the petition, and donate anything you can to the campaign's Go Fund Me.

All praise to Ryan for getting this one going! Spread the word and do all you can to lend some support...

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