Illuminating the Overlooked - Trowbridge skateboarding exhibition

If you happen to find yourself in Trowbridge between now and October 2021, and fancy taking in some local skateboarding history, get yourself to Trowbridge Museum and check out their current exhibition Illuminating the Overlooked, which explores the town's long relationship with skateboarding.

Photo: K J Hartley.

Here are a few words, courtesy of Illuminating the Overlooked's organisors...

"Illuminating the Overlooked is an exhibition at the Trowbridge Museum by Jen Hamblin, Laurence Ingram and Kati Saqui.

The exhibition features the TSCrew and Trowbridge Skateboarding archives from over the years.

Jen, Laurence and Kati came together with a shared vision to shine a light on the overlooked and to educate those that may have been unfamiliar with skateboarding and other arts in the Trowbridge community.

The exhibit explores the spaces of Trowbridge and the relationships they have with its community. The aim of the exhibition has been to validate, recover, revamp, retrieve and regain the status of past, present hidden or lost scenes and narratives of Trowbridge in a contemporary artistic way."

John Murphy of TSCrew went along to Illuminating the Overlooked's official opening and came through with this following edit, giving you all a taste of what to expect.

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