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Neil Macdonald interview from Slam City

Are you in the mood for some Saturday morning reading? If the answer is 'yes', as I'd hope it would be, then you're in luck, as Jacob Sawyer has put Neil Macdonald in the Slam City hot-seat, for a lengthy interview that covers everything from his 1988 exposure to skateboarding via Back to the Future, right through to the work he's currently putting in for his impending U.K. skateboarding book Elsewhere.

You should already be familiar with Neil's work via his constantly active, constantly engrossing @scienceversuslife Instagram account, where he shares expertly scanned and carefully retouched photos from the bygone eras of skateboarding, often coming through with previously unseen gold from the personal archives of the U.K.'s most prominent photographic workhorses. In addition to Neil's dedication to Science Versus Life, and his routine journalistic endeavours for various print titles, Neil has spent the last three years piecing together his first first book, Elsewhere, which covers the evolution of U.K. skateboarding during the crucial and largely pre-internet period of 1987 - 2002.

Neil - who has contributed vast amounts of incredible content to the Slam City blog over the years - has his usual Slam role reversed, as Jacob quizzes him on the road that has led to Elsewhere, how the mammoth project has taken shape, and what to expect from the fruits of Neil's unprecedented labour.

Click Neil and his archive below - shot by the legendary Ray Calthorpe - to be sent in the right direction...

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