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Welcome at Spit and Sawdust - These Are My Friends

Last Saturday, the Welcome Skate Store crew were lured away from the relative safety of Leeds by Christian Hart of Spit and Sawdust. A convoy of vehicles departed West Yorkshire and made their way to Cardiff (some accidentally via London) in time for an evening lock-in than ran into the small hours of Sunday morning. Homemade pizzas were consumed, beers were drank, hotel staff were confused, and laughs were had by all. Oh, and plenty of skateboarding took place too, naturally.

The duo of Josh Hallett and Hilda Quick were in tow to document the session, and the resulting edit - entitled These Are My Friends - is waiting to be enjoyed below! Watch on as Albie Edmonds, Jono Coote, Naidan Glover, Dale Starkie, Sam 'Blinky' Hutchinson, Izzy Almond, Will Sheerin, James 'Foz' Foster, Logan Riley, Zeta Rush, Martyn Hill, Jack Hackleton and Josh Blasutto give Christian's haven a proper Leeds seeing to.

Animations and titles by Izzy Almond.

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