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Wernside with Jono, Blinky, Albie and more...

For over a decade now, Leeds has always had a DIY spot on the go - Needleside and The Dustbowl are two examples that instantly spring to mind. Recently, the West Yorkshire's in-house collection of DIY enthusiasts have come together to create Wernside, a typically rad concrete number hidden away in the depths of an industrial estate just outside of the city centre.

Joe Plurals recently documented a lively session at Wernside, which saw the likes of Jono Coote, Aiden Blaymire, Dave Tyson, Blinky, Keegan, Alfie and Albie Edmonds getting stuck into the ever-evolving spot. Give it a watch below now, then be sure to donate anything you can to the Wernside fund!

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