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Win a Lucy Adams Lovenskate package!

To celebrate both International Women's Day 2023 the release of Lucy Adams' all new DV23 section for Lovenskate, Stu Smith has kindly given us a stacked Lucy themed package to pass on to one of you lucky humans!

Up for grabs, we have:

1 x Lucy Adams all new Master of Camouflage pro board - 8" or 8.25"

1 x Variel Eels t-shirt by Jack Hamilton

1 x Boxhead shirt

1 x LNS red cap

1 x LNS X Carhartt beanie

1 x Camo socks

Assorted patches, badges and a box of tea.

If you fancy getting your mitts on all of that wonderful Lovenskate gear, head on over to our Competition page right now and answer the simple question that awaits.

The competition closes at midnight on Friday - 10/03/23.

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