Best of 2021: Shaun Currie

Summertime backside flip, Sheffield. Photo: Greg Somerset.

We take a trip to Sheffield for today's Best of 2021 stop off, as the right honourable Shaun Currie lets you in on a few things that have kept him entertained across the course of the year. Shaun is currently recovering from shoulder surgery, but will be back delivering his twinkle-toed magic to your eyeballs soon enough. Until then, check his short Surgery section by Henry Kavanagh at the bottom of the page...

Skater of 2021: Moggins is skater of the year. He is on another level. He doesn’t kick tricks away, he either lands them first try or dies (laughs).

Moggins at Devonshire Green. Filmed by Timmy Garbett.

Trick of 2021: Layth Sami’s switch tre at Lloyds, snapping his board but riding away clean.

Video part of 2021: Tom Knox’s St Paul’s Atlantic Drift part by Jacob Harris. That was a work of art.

Song of 2021: Rotary Connection - I Am the Black Gold of the Sun. So epically beautiful.

Favourite photo shot in 2021: Has to be my gap crook photo by Reece (Leung). I can’t believe it went Thrasher, man. Favourite non-skating pastime of 2021: Eating. Event of 2021: Easily has to be the Gauntlet hill bomb jam hosted by Panasonic Youth. Always good vibes and some gnar gnar skating.

Road trip of 2021: The last Skateboard Café trip to London where we had a BnB for about a week with Layth, Harry (Ogilvie) and Rich (Smith). Love those guys.

Skater to watch out for in 2022: Tom O’Driscoll. He has secret powers.

Tom at Devonshire Green. Filmed by Timmy Garbett.

The thing you’re most looking forward to in 2022: Working on new projects with the Skateboard Café homies,